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Why Choose Us
1.Own rich experience of one stop service of earmuff design and manufacturing.
2.OEM/ODM manufacturer.
3.Customize earmuff upon requirement,Constant improve for designing and modifying
3.CE/ANSI assured.
4.In-time communication and quick delivery. Hangzhou ZH Tech Co.ltd is the professional manufacturer in hearing protection field in China. It continued this path and subsequently become the market leader in OEM/ODM manufacturing.

We processes independent manufacturing capabilities for hearing protection products.From design integrate to testing, and production planning to service scheme, ZH Tech can provide the most effective business solution to its partners.

Why us?
1. Cooperated and manufacture earmuff for US big super market and professional earmuff sellers.We have rich experience of one stop service for designing electronics ,assembly work.
2.OEM/ODM are welcome,our enginner can get what you want.
3.Products are continuously inspected during the manufacturing process and all batches of products are fully tested before shipping to check with high quality.
4.Constant improvement for the process of designing and manufacturing,4-5 brand-new models of safety earmuffs will be put into market per year.
5.Our earmuff get through CE certificate by EU notified boday and ANSI S3.19 by michael&associates.
6.Our sellers are all clearly know for goods,each step manufacturing and its specification.It ensures the efficient and satisfying communication and service to customers.

What our goal?
To be the most reputable service-oriented company, and the most powerful competitive supply force,in the safety industry.

To be the world first-class protective products supplier to lead the industry trend.

Thank you!